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Girls Chilling After A Spa Birthday Party
Group pic of girls chilling together after one of our Spa Birthday Parties.

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Checking Out The Spa Gift Bag Goodies Together
Checking Out The Spa Gift Bag Goodies Together.

Girls Spa Birthday Party Mini Mani!

Girls Spa Birthday Party Mini Mani
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Girls Spa Party Policies

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Kids Spa Party Mission Statement:

Welcome to Mobile Kids Spa Parties by Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy! We invite all parents to read this page. We're sorry there's so much to read, but we want to cover everything. This started out as a brief statement, and quickly mushroomed into this page! Please read everything and then digitally sign the page at the bottom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We strive to provide the most fun and entertaining On-Site Spa Party possible, while treating every partygoer as a unique individual, helping them to realize their personal worth and self-confidence, and that each is special in their own way. We aim to help kids (and adult partygoers, if they so choose!) to de-stress and feel their best with our Therapeutic Massage; we take even a short-duration Therapeutic Massage mini-session seriously.

We strive to deliver the highest quality professional-level Spa Services, and aim to do so by constantly improving our knowledge base and skills by additional reading, seminars, and continuing education courses. When it comes to nail art, we are both artists, graduates of programs at well-known art schools. And regarding kids, we are also former educators (in massage therapy, music, and art); having classroom management experience definitely helps! : )

We try our best to help parents have a stress-free, easy party. We want to help kids learn about healthy skin care, and help them see vanity has nothing to do with it, and that beauty shines from inside! We want the day to be super-special, and put in the extra 110% to make that happen. The wonder is in the details. : )

While we were (absolutely) among the first companies to offer Kids Spa Parties at Home, we have seen a ridiculous number of Kids Spa web sites and companies springing up in recent years. This has cluttered web directories and has caused brand dilution. What sets us apart is our dedication to helping others; our professional training, education, and previous work experience; our crazy originality(!); and most importantly, in our view, the idea that being kind to the kids, and encouraging them to be kind to one another, will help them to be the same way toward friends, family, and classmates. We invite you to read our many blogs about Kids Spa Parties and Kids Massage on NJMassage.Info.

Some newer Kids Spa Party companies have taken on taglines and marketing based on our web site, or the web sites of other original Spa Party web companies that have been around a long time. This is not only unethical, but I have my doubts that they are sincere individuals. (Find your own voice, please!) It's very easy to repeat what someone else says because it sounds good; the difference is, we mean what we say.

Thank you!

The Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy Mobile Kids Spa Parties Creators

For the Guests' Mommies and Daddies or Legal Guardian:

1. Please digitally sign this page by using the form at the bottom of this page. Please read the entire page carefully before signing. The second set of policies is intended for the parents hosting the party. (We encourage you to read through every section, even that part.)

2. We have done our best to use only the finest organic, natural food-grade spa products. If your child is allergic to anything at all, please let the Birthday Girl's parents know about this. We have options for kids with sensitivities. Please let us know as well, via the form at the bottom of this page.

3. Food sensitivities. We bring pre-packaged food from the store and only open it up at the house where the party is taking place. Even so, some kids are allergic to some foods. Again, please let the party host parents know about this, if it's the case. We often use chocolate, from Nestle's to colored white to organic vegan, as well as fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, and often chocolate chip cookies on the side.

4. All fingernail and toenail polish should be carefully removed before your child's arrival at the party. In order to paint such precise nail art, it takes time, and so we respectfully request that all party guests arrive with nails clean and ready for new designs. :)

5. Fingernails and toenails should be trimmed and neat before the party, all ready to go!

6. If your daughter plans to have her hair styled, please wash, condition, and style her hair as usual. Please remember, however, that if you style her hair with mousse, creme, or gel, there isn't much we can do, in terms of styling.

7. Dress should be as appropriate for the season, as well as the type of party. Please ask the Birthday Girl's Mom if you are unsure how formal the party will be, or if there's swimming, a sleepover, or other plans involved.

8. Boys are always welcome. Boys usually prefer hair styling, massage, and facials. Once in a while, we get boys who want clear nail polish. It's totally your choice whether to invite them to the party.

9. Occasionally, a child will experience mild redness from a facial. In all cases, the redness subsided in about twenty minutes. It may be from the mild abrasion of the scrub sponge, or the slight astringency of the facewash. Some girls with especially fair skin, or a history of redness, may experience this. It is no cause for alarm!

10. Our Massage Therapists are CPMTs (Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists) and are Certified to work on clients from infants and children to adults and seniors of advanced age. For the Therapeutic Massage, we always do a proper client intake and ask if the girls have any current or past health conditions, injuries, or surgeries, or are on any medications, and then work accordingly. We are trained at professional trade schools and are insured and members of Massage Professional Societies.

11. No personal information, including last names, or area where the party took place, is ever anywhere on our servers or databases. All images are totally stripped of geolocation information before posting in the gallery to protect the safety and privacy of the family and partygoers.

12. If your daughter has attended one of our Spa Parties, we will offer you a $25 discount on a future Spa Party that you, or any of your family members, books with us.

13. Please drop your daughter off on time. Please be sure someone opens the door before you drive away if you have an older girl. Often pre-party, it's extremely loud, with the girls who are there early being very excited and enthused, and showing it. Pick up time should be arranged with the Birthday Girl's Mom. (It's always good to go in and meet your daughter's friend's parents.)

14. If your child has a restricted diet, and there's going to be eating, you can bring your own dinner and dessert. Arrange this with the Birthday Girl's Mom or Dad.

15. If your child has a health issue, Learning Difference, or other special need requiring special attention or accommodation, please let the us know, using the form located at the bottom of this page. (As this may include personal medical information, as Massage Therapists, we conform to the HIPAA Medical Professionals' ethics and laws regarding nondisclosure.)

16. During the party, we take lots of photos and video. These are for the Birthday Girl's Gallery and DVD of the party. The photos may also appear on other areas of our Mobile Kids Spa Party web site or other social media or blogs we write. Any additional photos provided by the Birthday Girl's family, or guests' parents, may be likewise used, however, such additional photos remain the copyright-protected works of the original photographer, used for this purpose with permission. All images are stripped of geolocation-data; we strongly suggest you do the same for all images you share of your family at your home.

17 . Jagua Tattoos.

At our Mobile Kids' Spa Parties, we offer Jagua "temporary tattoos" as an optional add-on. Jagua is all-natural, extracted from the fruit of the Genipa americana, a relative to the coffee tree, found in tropical American forests, and even Florida. Various cutlures of South America have historically used this fruit as a source of dye for body ornamentation.

Jagua tattoos are more like henna tattoos than tattoos applied with a needle. The Jagua takes anywhere from a few hours to darken, to sometimes more than a day. The Jagua tattoo then slowly fades over the course of about two weeks. Jagua tattoos appear blue/black on the skin, and look a lot like a real tattoo, while they're still dark.

Children have recieved Jaugua tattoos for countless generations in these various South American tribes, and now kids in the US and elsewhere have found out about this cool new (but really old) temporary tattoo option, different than henna-based temporary tattoos and decal-style sticker-tattoos, which most kids already know about. Actually, black henna tattoos often contain harmful ingedients, chemicals like paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a textile dye only approved for use as a hair-colorant. So, be careful when using henna-based kids tattoos!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you for your patience. That's it! The following section is intended for the parents of the Birthday Girl, or whomever else is hosting (or planning) the Spa Birthday Party. As a parent or legal guardian of a Spa Party guest, it may not be entirely relevant to you, but feel free to read through this next section if you choose. (We encourage everyone to read through this entire page.) However, if you wish to skip this next part, scroll down the page to the Consent Form.

For the Birthday Girl's Parents: (Or whomever else is hosting!)

1. Please digitally sign this page by using the form at the bottom of this page. Please read the entire page carefully before signing.

2. There is no refund for the deposit. The date of the party may be changed, however, for no additional fee. We are flexible and understanding.

3. The Birthday Girl's parents will be responsible ONLY for the number of guests that actually attend the party. Unlike many places, we do not charge for the number of guests you had anticipated arriving, but rather for the number of girls who actually attend.

4. All party dates must be secured with a deposit. There are no exceptions. (The two times we made exceptions, the families canceled, so we no longer do that)

5. Unlike many of the more recent home spa party companies, we have been around and know that a big part of this is managing the children. We know it's really not your job to manage the group. So we do our best to manage your guests, respectfully and with gentleness.

6. It would be a good idea to have a few electrical outlets available. The Lip Balm Craft area needs one outlet. The Add-On Chocolate Fountain needs its own outlet. We also need three outlet where the Facials and Spa area will be. Don't stress, just get a rough idea of what part of the house you plan to use.

7. We need a small table for the nail area. A folding table is fine. We can use a kitchen or dining room table, or even a much smaller table. With a very small table, we place the polish bottles on the table and do the nail polish and artwork without a table. So it's all good. : )

8. When we are in a hotel, if you want the chocolate fountain, you must be sure to request a microwave before that day, as well as when you check in. If you would like us to mould the chocolate at the end, you will also need a refrigerator in your room. If you cannot get a microwave, we can bring a chocolate fondue pot, as opposed to the fountain.

9. Recommended ages are 3 and up. We have done infant massage. (Never an infant facial, as that's just not a good idea, but we've also done the nails on small toddlers.) As far as the upper age bracket, Moms, Aunts, friends, and even the guys are welcome to a massage or a mani or facial. This has happened at only about 30% of parties. Make that statistic go higher and be sure to participate with your girls!

10. We need access to a sink if we're doing facials. A bathroom is ideal, as the dirty facial water can be flushed, and the basins can be filled more quickly in a bathtub.

11. You may exclude any activity/ies that you choose. If you want a polish party, and nothing but manis, that's perfect. If you want massages and facials only, that's no trouble at all. If you want to have the girls choose between everything but hair styling, that is OK, too. Some Moms have told me that it takes a long time for them to do their daughters' hair, so we understand. : )

12. Robes and Spa Decor are for the duration of the party, only. We take everything back when we're done. We clean up and leave everything nice and neat.

13. We can arrange to get you delivered Spa Party Confections and Baked Sweet Goods. Ask; it depends where you live.

14. Final payment is due at the end of the party, and may be made via PayPal, credit card, personal cheque, or cash.

15. Please tell us when the party will be starting, so we can arrive early and set up.

16. Only one coupon is valid per party.

17. After the party, we must clean our stuff. Again, a bathroom would be great for that.

18. If you order chocolate and fruit, we need a kitchen sink to wash the fruit.

19. Your total bill will be the number of girls participating times the price that we quoted for that number of activities per guest, plus the cost of any add-ons you have chosen.

20. If girls choose to only participate in the footbath part of the mini-pedi, and do not get their nails painted, you will still be responsible for payment of the entire activity. The same applies to situations where girls elect to not get spa services, or participate in crafts, who nevertheless attend the party.

21. You are NOT responsible for guests who do not attend. However, our package minimums must still be met. If the number of guests attending is less than the minimum number of guests for the package you chose, you must nevertheless pay the minimum cost. We will, however, permit the attending girls to upgrade to a higher package (extra service for some/all) if you pay a package minimum price and do not have the requisite number of guests actually attending, so you never get charged for nothing.

22. Please keep pets out of the party area. Dogs and cats, may try to eat the facial mixture out of the bowl! While our masques are all 100% nontoxic, after such an incident, we really must throw away the rest. And, there's chocolate, and many people say that chocolate is toxic to dogs, specifically.

Please digitally sign the form below by typing your initials in the box, then pressing the Submit Button. By signing and submitting the form, you agree that you understand what is involved in our Kids Spa Party, and that you provide consent for your child to participate in the Spa Party activities on the day of the party. You agree that if you have any questions or special requests, that you will relay them to us via this form, and/or via the Spa Birthday Girl's Mom or Dad.

Birthday Girl's Name (If not for a birthday, please provide name of event or sponsor):

Your (Parent's) Name:

Your Child's Name:

Your Child's Age:

Your Other Child Who Will Attend: (if two of your kids are going)

Your Second Child's Age: (if two of your kids are going)

Your Phone Emergency Contact:

Your E-Mail:

Special Needs: Please include anything you want us to know about your child. (If not, please write 'NONE'. Thanks you!)

**Digital Signature: Parent, Please Type Your Initials Here: **

Please click the 'Submit' button above to send this information to us.



Please click on '@ Contact Us' button at bottom-left to access our inquiry form, or use the button at the top of this page. Feel free to also call 877-480-8038 for more information, or to book a Kids Spa Party or inquire about a date. We'd be happy to discuss details of your party with you and help you plan.

Cash, PayPal, CashApp, GooglePay, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates accepted.

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