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Girls Chilling After A Spa Birthday Party
Group pic of girls chilling together after one of our Spa Birthday Parties.

Mobile Kids Spa Party Fun!

Spa Parties For Girls Hair Styling Activities
Hair Styling Activity At One of Our Spa Parties For Girls.

More Kids Spa Birthday Party Pics!

Checking Out The Spa Gift Bag Goodies Together
Checking Out The Spa Gift Bag Goodies Together.

Girls Spa Birthday Party Mini Mani!

Girls Spa Birthday Party Mini Mani
Another Example of Cool Hand-Rendered Nail Art - French Fries - YUM!!!


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Girls Spa Party Ideas

Spa Party Ideas for Kids: Planning the Most Amazing Party Ever!

Kids Spa Parties are always different. This is something that we at Mountainside On-Site Massage have noticed, having done Mobile Kids Spa parties for many years now. While we bring our trademark services to each and every party, parents and families always add their own personal touch when planning a Spa Birthday Party, and the decorating, food, and kids party theme ideas vary a great deal as a result. The best parties we've done have had our services and everything that we bring, along with the d�cor and other ideas of the Birthday Girl's Mom and Dad, as well as the Birthday Girl herself.

We hope that the information helps you in planning your own Spa Party! It is probably best to read as many different ideas as possible. What we are going to contribute on this page are Kids Spa Birthday Party Ideas that our clients have shown us that work quite well, as well as our own observations as to what works well.

We bring our own Kids Spa Party activities, crafts, and decorations. What girls' parents do besides all this, in terms of their own decorating, food preparation, etc., is what makes every party a truly unique event. Express your daughter's style and create a party that focuses on personalized themes that she would enjoy. Consider taking elements from various sources that appeal to you and your daughter. Even the list below may be mixed-and-matched to create the ultimate Spa Party Experience, 100% your daughter's own style!

First, we shall cover the basics: what sort of party, the number of guests, and the like. Next, we cover Girls Spa Party Ideas concerning food. Then comes Invitations, then Decorations, then themes, a list of things you may want to discuss with guests' parents before the party, and finally, links to good sites featuring Spa party ideas for Girls.

The Basics: Planning A Spa Party For Your Birthday Girl

All great Girls Spa Parties start with great planning and great Girls Spa Parties Ideas. While some find the details of planning a party stressful, preparing for a Spa Birthday Party can be a lot of fun. If you think of everything beforehand, then on the day of the party, everything will take care of itself, and there will be no need for stress. Don't wait until the day before the party to begin preparing! Below we list a number of possibilities and themes for your At-Home Girls Spa Party. Feel free to call us (877-480-8038) to discuss your party plans. We would be more than happy to assist you.

When? What Time? What Day will be best? Where?

We are available seven days a week to bring our Spa Services, from early in the morning until late in the evening. But most of your Spa Party guests are not! You have to work around the kids' schedules, considering sports, dance, and other extracurricular activities. This is, by far, the most difficult part of planning the party. If your daughter wants certain BFFs to attend, you may have to have your daughter ask about the other girls' schedules when she sees them, or call or text them on the phone.

Most Spa parties happen on a Friday evening, or on the weekend, from the late morning until the evening. If there's a three day weekend, the Monday the kids have off from school is also usually a good day for most kids. In the summer time, when school is not in session, parties are a lot easier to plan, as kids are off from school. Do not assume they're home though; many kids will be away vacationing, at camp, or staying with relatives.

Where is the best place to have your party? We have worked at parties in apartments, houses, hotel suites, and other, more unlikely sorts of spots like camp lodges, community centers, gyms, art studios, and assembly halls. Where ever you have space, and it's convenient, is probably the best answer. If you have a den or basement, that is fine. So is a living room. So is a screen room or sun deck. Outdoors is great. Indoors is fine. It's whatever's best for your daughter, and what fits into your plans. And the season, of course.

You may also have the party at a relative's home. We have had a number of parties where this was the case. A hotel suite is another fine choice, and we have worked at hotel parties in the past as well. A Spa party in a hotel room makes kids feel special; it's also very new and different and kids find that cool as well.

Spa Parties may either be open-ended, meaning you'll call or text the parents when the party's over, or there can be a definite pre-arranged time when the parents are expected to return tp pick up their children. Our Spa Party Activities take some time to do, and depending upon the number of guests, will take more or less time, overall. We actually recommend giving parents a window of when the party will expect the party to be over and calling them all near the end.

You do not want your party to feel rushed, however, so set aside enough time for Spa Party Activities, as well as time to sing Happy Birthday and anything else you'd like to do. There are many possibilities for teen and tween birthday party idea. You just need to find what works for you and your family, and is liked by your daughter. For a sleepover party, this is not an iussue.

How many guests should we invite? Whom shall we invite?

The number of guests attending your daughter's party is really up to you. If your daughter has many cousins, classmates, friends from dance or gymnastics, friends from the shore house, buddies from camp, and neighbors' kids she's friendly with, you may end up inviting more girls. Ask your daughter who she'd like to invite. That usually works best. Every girl is different, and some may prefer to choose to invite eight friends, others may want eighteen guests to attend. We can accommodate as many, or as few, guests as you wish to invite.

Some parents opt to host a "school friends-only" Spa Party, or a party that is only for siblings and cousins. It really depends on your family's unique situation.

Can Mom or Dad participate in Spa Party activities?

Parents, as well as other adults in attendance, are welcome to participate. In the past, we've had Moms and Dads get a massage, and many times, the women at the party ask for nail art after seeing our work. We have also done parties that are ~only~ for Mom and her kids, or even Mom, Dad, and all the siblings.

Should boys be invited?

This is a question that parents must answer for themselves. In the past, we have worked at some parties where boys were in attendance. If your Birthday Girl has male siblings or cousins, it's your choice whether to let them attend the party, or do something else during that time. We have never found it to be an issue when boys were present. They had as much fun as the girls, every time. Most have chosen Facials and Massage Therapy as their services. Hair Styling was also picked, as were jagua and temporary tattoos (done as a substitute activity in place of nail art) The boys opted to forego the glitter and beads and just have their hair styled with a little gel, as you might have guessed! But hair chalk can be fun, too!

Should cell phones be dropped in a basket before the party?

We've only witnessed a few parents doing this, but the first was Ellie & Kate's Mom, who hosted separate, back-to-back parties for her two daughters' birthdays. Is this a good idea? Well, the girls did not zone out and play on their phones. Of course, staying in the moment, engaging with friends, and enjoying the day are all benefits. What's the negative side? Some girls really, REALLY get anxious separated from their cell phone; their texts serve as a lifeline to their friends and family, and to be cut off for even a few minutes would be an issue. The idea is to keep the kids havoing fun and in the moment, not to make anyone feel horrible. In 99% of cases, this is not an issue.

At Home Spa Party ideas Topping the List: Traditional Birthday Cake and Candles and Singing of Happy Birthday by Friends and Family

At the top of our list of Girls Spa Party Ideas is our Mobile Kids Spa Party Service, followed by the most traditional of birthday party activities: A Birthday Cake, blowing out of candles, and the singing of Happy Birthday. Depending upon your own circumstance, you may wish to have a second party with relatives at a later date (this would often be the case if the Spa Party was not held on your daughter's actual date of birth), have your family party during the Kids Spa Party and have one cake for everyone, or a second party for family with a second cake later the same day. Those are the three basic options.

If you choose to have a separate family party, then the girls sing happy birthday and have cupcakes together, followed by your daughter having a second birthday cake with family later in the day, after all of the Spa Party guests have left. Every Spa Birthday Party we've worked at featured a cake or cupcakes, candles to blow out, and a chorus of �Happy Birthday' sung by the kids, which is what you'd expect at any proper Birthday Party.

Consideration: The Best Date For the Party

Some families have the Spa Party during a family party, on the date of the girl's actual date of birth. Other parents opt to have a Spa Party on their daughter's actual date of birth, followed by a family party with relatives, that same day. Kids attending the Spa Party who are cousins and other relatives stay, while other guests usually leave, except for a best-friend or two. This last choice can be a bit tiring for both parents and the Birthday Girl, we must say!

Another girls spa party idea is to host the Kids party on one day, and the relatives party on another. In our experience, most families opt to make the party with friends on a date different than their daughter's birthday. This keeps everyone from being overwhelmed with the craziness of hosting two parties in one day. This is actually recommended.

Girls Spa Party Followed By Wine and Cheese for Parents

Next on our list of Spa Party Ideas for Tweens, we present the post-Kids Spa Party Wine and Cheese soiree for parents. After we've left and the Spa Party is done, kids can watch a movie, go in the pool or play in the den together while parents sip wine. The parents can also have a party during the Spa Party.

If you're already acquainted with your daughter's friends' parents, this is a great choice. If most, or even some, of the parents are people you don't know too well, it's a great opportunity to get to know them better. Girls Spa Party Ideas involving letting the girls hang out longer are always much-loved by the kids, espcially classmates! It's actually the case that most of the time the kids can't really socialize, but must do schoolwork.

Parties featuring a parents' after-party seem to end with the kids extremely tired, having had the opportunity to play and chill out for an extended period of time. Kids appreciate this, as in school they only have brief spans of time, like at lunch, when they can freely talk and play.

Sleepover Spa

Girls like the Wine and Cheese for Parents Post-Kids Spa Party Idea because they can hang out for hours and hours, just playing, watching music videos, and talking, while parents socialize. With that in mind, consider the Sleepover Spa: Of all the Spa party Ideas for Girls, this is probably the all-time favorite.

With the excitement of the party, being able to hang out in a non-school setting, and all the birthday cake and cupcakes, tweens and teens can stay up late watching movies, making hot cocoa, playing games, and eating snacks.

Consideration: The Best Day of the Week

This is not suggested for a school night. (We have had a client host a Sleepover Spa Party, and then drive all the guests to school the next day, but there were only four guests, and the family did have a home with enough bathrooms to prevent a bottleneck in the morning, and the guests had all slept over many times before.) In any event, kids may end up groggy at school the next day and so it's probably not the best idea for most kids, in most instances, on a school night. Any other time is fine, almost always.

Pool Party

Spa Party Ideas for Kids are sometimes almost universal, like the Kids Spa Pool Party. Swimming and pool games may be restricted to before or after the Spa Party activities, or kids may go in the pool at times when they are not receiving services. At an event like this, hair styling only works when the kids have finished with their swimming for the day.

As long as there's a parent or other adult family member to supervise, Spa Pool Parties are a great idea. Girls love swimming, playing in the fresh air, and getting some sunlight. Try to keep kids in the shade some of the time; being outdoors in the bright healthy sunlight is not the same as a sunburn from a damaging level of sun exposure. Also, be sure all the girls know how to swim, even if you don't have a deep pool.

Consideration: The Weather

Even the best Girls Spa Party Ideas can be undone. This is especially true if you're planning an outdoor party, either poolside or in your backyard on the lawn. Consider a contingency plan. As we do not require much space to set up, the real consideration would be moving all of your own decorations and food inside, and having a place for all of the guests to eat, hang out, and receive Spa Services.

Hotel Party

The ultimate in pampering when it concerns Spa Party Ideas for Kids. Hotels provide swimming (indoor, in every season), in-room dining as well as on-site restaurants (in many cases), and the real advantage (to parents) of not having to clean up. This is really a convenience, and parents usually find it a lot less stressful, overall. The Hotel Spa Party may be a Sleepover Spa, or the party may end at a set time. You will have the room rented until the next day, so why not get what you've already paid for?

We have worked at both sorts of parties, and depending upon circumstances, one or the other would be best for your daughter's get-together. If you ask your daughter, however, she will surely tell you that any tween Spa Party idea involving a sleepover is always at the very top of the list!

Food and Sweets Kids Spa Party Ideas

Candy and Sweets

We provide a Hot Chocolate Fountain as an add-on at our parties. But whether or not you order this particular add-on, you can create your own Sweets Table. At past parties, many Moms have made spectacular presentations, with dizzying arrays of candy, sweets, and cupcakes. (You may want to consider having the kids eat lunch or dinner first, before allowing them to eat the treats on the Candy Table.)

Pizza Party

In new Jersey and New York City, pizza parties top the list of Kids Spa Party ideas. Is it any wonder? Chicagoans, even Romans, may claim to make the best pizza, and while we will admit Rome created it, and Chicago expertly stacked it, our pizza is where it's at. Everyone loves NYC pizza!

Pizza is good because it provides good sustenance for kids during the long party, containing protein (the cheese) and some carbs (the crust) as well. Pizza is also a Girls Spa Party idea because it seems to be nearly universally liked and enjoyed.

Considerations: Kids With Special Dietary Needs

Some parents even get a variety of pizza pies, including plain, awhite pie, a pie with sausage and peppers, and a veggie and tomato sauce, dairy-free vegan, or gluten-free crust pie for the growing number of tweens and tweens with dietary restrictions. When the pizza arrives, kids and adults can gather around the dining room table for a slice or eat where they are.

No matter what you eat, whether restaurant, fast food, packaged food, or home made food, have your daughter find out if any of the guests have any special dietary considerations, such as diabetes, or allergies to common food ingredients. It's imperative to find out ahead of time.

Home-made Birthday Feast (with PotLuck Option)

One of the Spa party Ideas for Girls that stands out is a scrumptious home-cooked meal. Sometimes such meals are prepared by Mom, other times a few relatives bring trays of their own homemade dished, contributing to a family potluck. The kids usually rave about the food, as everyone eats differently at home, and the chance to try another family's cuisine lets kids appreciate culture. Sticking to finger foods is not necessary, but food choices that kids can eat while holding in their hands may be best if you're not having a sit-down dinner. Ifyou know the other parents well, or if they're all cousins, each kid can bring their own dish or dessert.

Spa Party Themes: Personalizing Your Daughter's Spa Party Experience

Spa Party Ideas for Girls often on a particular theme. While themes are a big part of what your party will be, the above-mentioned ideas are the fundamentals all well-planned Tween and Tween Spa Parties must address. Once you've dealt with those considerations, it's time to think about a party theme.

By party theme, we mean the following: Party napkins, plates, cups, tablecloths, posters, chair coverings, hanging decorations, balloons, and anything else you can find to set the vibe.

Hawaiian Luau Theme

If your daughter was a summer baby, a pool party or indoor party with Hawaiian decor might be great. Or, you could have a luau in January! It's really not even necessary for it to be summer. A 'Summer in January' Spa Party could be fun.

Monster High Theme

If your daughter is a Monster High fan, and really, really into it, this is for you. We've already worked at a few parties with Monster High-themed decor.

Hello Kitty Theme

Hello Kitty is again very popular! Some girls love everything Hello Kitty. Other do not. Of course, Moms and Dads know quite well whether their daughter likes Hello Kitty or not. As it's not going to be a surprise party, it's best to discuss party theme options with the Birthday Girl.

Disney Princess Theme

Younger Tweens and little girls love Disney princesses! It's easy to find Disney Princess party supplies in most stores.

Color Theme: Pink and Black or Hot Pink and Silver or Your Choice!

Another interesting Girls Spa Party Idea for a theme is simply based on colors. In the past, Moms have done this with great results. They mixed and matched, but every element of the decor was either pink or black, or hot pink and silver. You can take your daughter's two favorite colors and create a color theme based on that.

Fairy Theme

A magical atmoshpere created with whimsical decor elements. A bubble machine would be great. Glitter everywhere works, too. This Spa Party idea for Girls is a lot of fun, because it entails a great deal of creativity and allows you and your daughter (and her siblings) to create hand-drawn backgrounds with fairies and trees, flowers and bees!

Spa Party Gift Bag Ideas

We offer two sizes of party favor bags. Our organza bags are stuffed to the top with fun and cool stuff tweens and teens will enjoy, but some moms opt to create their own. Party favors can be matched to the party theme, or can be more general. Click to link to our Spa Party Gift Bag section Or, you can just have the girls take home the fruits of their craft fun as the party gift bag.

Teen and Tween Spa Party Invitation Ideas

We have a wide variety of Girls Spa Party Invitations which are personalized and printed professionally with the guests' names. Our collection of new designs grows more vast by the month as we create new Invitation designs each week. We can even create a design based on your personalized request!

We offer this add-on service, which includes mailing the invitations out to party guests for you. If you don't plan to use our Invitations Add-On service, you can find many other companies selling invitation designs online, or buy them in a local store and mail them yourself. (We must say that we've recieved many raves about our designs!) Consider including key info: whether it's a pool party, if it's informal, if dinner will be served, if there's a Parents' Afterparty, if there's a trip afterwards to the Seaside Boardwalk, etc.

Post-Spa Party Ideas

Fashion Show

After our Spa Activities and Crafts are completed, kids may organize a fashion show of their own. Not much is needed for a fashion show. A bed sheet or curtain can serve as the stage curtain. Girls can walk out one by one, and do their thing. They tend to be very silly. When we have witnessed this, it was their kids' idea, and they had fun pretending. They used the curtain and each hid in the next room until it was their turn. Quieter girls who do not feel comfortable being the center of attention may not enjoy participating in this activity.

Dance All Night

A post-Spa Party Dance Party is one of the most fun Spa Party ideas for Tweens. Kids Choice Music Channel, a good set of pounding speakers, a black light, strobe light, light effects, and a fog machine complete the scene. Of course, you don't need all of those effects, and even just a single flourescent black light would be enough to wow your crowd.

Kids love music, and having the chance to dance for hours is definitely what most tweens would consider a lot of fun. This can be indoors or outside, but dancing on the lawn or indoors on a carpet is best, to prevent injuries.

Out to Dinner

Tweens and teens love going out to eat! They may each have their own favorite restaurant or fast food spot, but few kids dislike having the chance to eat somewhere OTHER than home. After the Spa Party, you can take a trip with the guests to McDonalds, Wendy's, or Burger King, or even to an Italian, Indian, Spanish, French, or Chinese restaurant. A diner is another good choice. Or, take the kids to an exclusive restaurant serving more traditional American fare. This is another At Home Spa Party Idea which involves leaving the home after the party's done. The girls enjoy going out with their hair and nails done.

Off to a Museum

After the girls are all relaxed and beautified, a trip to a museum is a great conclusion to a Spa Party For Tweens or Teens. If you live In Manhattan, this is easily accomplished. For most New Jerseyan, however, a trip to the city requires a little more time and planning. Consider a NJ Museum instead, if the trip seems too involved or time consuming. The Museum of Natural History is always girls' first choice, followed by The Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Movie and Ice Cream: An Unbeatable Combo!

After the party, you can take the kids out to a movie. Let the birthday girl choose what film they'll see. Afterwards, make a trip to Carvel, Baskin-Robins, or an Italian ice shoppe. Just make sure all the girls have eaten before the movie, and eaten real food at your house, or else all the popcorn and ice cream may upset stomachs.

The Amusement Park

Six Flags or Seaside Heights is another great post-Spa Party activity. There is so much to see and do, the kids can go on rides, play games and win stuffed animals and other prizes, eat at a choice of food places, and more. This Girls Spa Party Idea for an after-party will be a hit with any group of girls.

What do the guests' parents need to know beforehand?

The parents of the guests need to know a few things, and it would be best to find out some things from them as well. You need to know ahead of time whether any of the girls have food or other sorts of allergies. You also need to know if any of the girls are going to be picked up early, so that they can have their Spa Services first. Parents need to know what time to drop off their kids, and what time to pick them up. If it's an open-ended party, they need to know what time to expect a call or text regarding what time the party's going to end. If it's a Pool Party, you should either indicate it on the invitation

Once you have set your Girls Spa Party Ideas in motion, and you've either had us send out invites, or have done so yourself, you need to begin keeping track of who will be able to attend, and who will not. When talking with other Moms and Dads, it's a good time to find out the answers to any of the above questions. It's your choice whether to add something like: Please have your daughter's nails free of any polish the day of the party. Also, the Spa party Service for the party suggests guests place clear coat over their nail artwork once they get home. There usually ins't enough time at parties to do everyone's clear coat layer.

Links and More Info

We hope that you've enjoyed our Kids Spa Party Ideas page. Here are some other sites that may pique your interest, and get you on the way to creating a spa party for your daughter that you'll remember for all time.

This is a Pintrest thread featuring many ideas for Snack Tables and more.

Google Image Search

Click To Link To Our Kids Spa Party Page



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