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Please be aware that we book up very quickly! Advanced booking is therefore best.

Call our toll-free number, 877 480 8038, for additional information, for quick answers to questions, or to reserve a party date.
If there is no answer when you call, please be certain to leave a brief message on the voicemail system, repeating your phone number twice. You may also text to our 877 number, as we receive those texts right away!

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Or, Click here to send an e-mail to [email protected] right now using your default mail program, or use the form below. Whatever's easiest for you. : )


Our quick contact form below makes inquiring about a Kids Spa Party even easier. Please be sure to include your e-mail address and a valid phone number, including area code.

Please call us or use the form below for the fastest response.

Your Name:
Quick SMS Text Message:

(Click 'Submit' at left to send only your Name, Phone Number, E-Mail, and a QUICK TEXT message, or continue filling out the purple form below. ▼ ▼ ▼

We can assist you in paying the deposit. If you'd rather reserve your date and time immediately, click on the green 'Pay Now' button on this page *BEFORE* you click 'Send' on this form. When you click on the 'Pay Now' button, a new window for our secure payment server will open on top of this one. (please note the Inquiry form is still below, and must be completed as well!)

Please provide some details about the Kids Spa Party you're planning, so we can best help you create a dazzling party. Fill out as much as you can right now. Anything you're not sure of, we can discuss later.

Preferred Date of Party: Time of Party:

Will the guests be picked up at the end of the party, or are you planning a sleepover?
Guests will be picked up at a pre-arranged time, the party ending at a definite time.
It will be a sleepover party (or the parents are coming much, much later.)

What occasion are you celebrating?

If it's for a birthday, how old is the Birthday Girl turning?

The Spa Party is for:

Where are you planning to hold the Kids Spa Party?

How many guests are you planning to invite?

How many services are you considering per guest?
◍ 1 2 3 4 5

Was your daughter a guest at another Spa Party we did? (If so, discount applies.)
yes no

If yes, please share the name of your daughter's friend hosting the party, the town the Spa Party was held in, and when the party happened.

Please check all the services that you wish to have available for guests:

Therapeutic Pediatric Massage
Custom Nail Art Mani (base coat, 2 coats polish, graphical design, clear top coat or glitter)
Essential Oil Foot Soak And Pedi
Hair Styling
Facial Cleanse, Scrub, and Masque

Please note that up to six crafts are included with all packages. (Lip Balm, Fizzy Bath Bomb, Soapmaking, Bath Salt, and Bubble Bath, which go into a craft bag at the end for each guest. Also included: mailed DVD slideshow, gallery, group card craft, and robes to wear for the party's duration.)

Location of Party:

Street Address:

City or Township:

Apartment Number:

Planned method of payment:

Do you wish to firmly reserve this date at this time? Please reserve my date. No thank you. We do not require a reservation at this time. We still need more time to think about when would be best!

Have you already paid the deposit for your party, or are you planning to do so in a few moments? Yes No

(If you have not already done so, and wish to pay your deposit to secure a date now, please CLICK HERE)

Please Note: No party date is considered confirmed without a voice verification and a paid deposit. Usually, we talk first, confirm to you via voice if the date's still available, then send an online invoice for the deposit, though you have the option of sending the deposit before speaking with us to ensure that you will get the party date you're looking for. (If that date/time is not available, of course you will receive a full refund!)

What kind of Spa Party are you planning with your daughter? (Please check all that apply.)

Sleepunder: We bring PJs so the kids can have a pretend-sleepover party. Ideal if you want the kids to feel like it's a sleepover, without actually having any guests stay overnight. Great for little ones, but older kids have fun, too.

Dance Party. We bring the beat! This is great for dancers or groups with tons of energy. Includes a blacklight, pulsing strobe, colorful lighting effects, and a mini-SD card with tons of danceable tracks of all types on it. You provide the speakers and the space. (Requires a separate room with ample room.)

Kids Yoga Session. We take the kids through a brisk and varied series of stretches and poses, incorperating Hatha Yoga, Do-In, and more. Great for active kids and little yogis! Also lead kids through a focused relaxation session, teaching them how to breathe deeply and untense their bodies.

American Girl Doll Party. Your daughter and friends can receive spa treatments alongside their American Girl dolls! Handmade felt Cuke slices and tubs with "bubbles" for American Girl dolls included. Yay!

Girl Scouts Party. Inquire about which badges the girls would qualify for, having participated in the Spa Party activities and crafts. We will also do a short presentation so that the girls will qualify, if necessary.

Pool Party. Summertime poolside parties can be a blast! Indoor/outdoor parties are also a great choice to limit sun exposure and lets kids cool off.

Hotel Party. Hotel parties are easiest and tons of fun! No clean up required, and no cleaning prep. Decorations and any food you wish to have are all you need to address. Great for sleepovers. You can easily take the girls out to eat for lunch or dinner, and there's often an indoor pool!

What kind of Spa Party Add-Ons are you interested in getting more information about?
Custom Designed and Printed Mailed Invitations

Sparking Apple Cider. Party like it's 1999!
Glitter Body Art Temporary 'Tattoos'. Fun, quick, inexpensive add-on. Washes off easily.
Chocolate Fondue Fountain with Fruit and Cookies. Dipping snacks into flowing melted chocolate is always a hit.

Photo Memento Thank You Cards Mailed To Guests. "A Wonderful Way to Say Thanks."
*Gift Bags. Includes a ton of cool stuff! See our main page for details.

* Deluxe Gift Bags. Includes even more fun stuff! For the girl who loves beauty products!

* (all gift abgs may be custom ordered for Kosher, vegan, or other requests.)

Spa Party VIP Personalized Printed Lanyards. The girls wear these like a necklace. Great for groups who may not all know one another.
Photo Prints Made. Choose any images from the DVD for professional printing.



If you are interested in our services for an event, please state the name of the event:
Your Organization (If you are booking on behalf of a group):

Questions? Feel Free To Ask! : )


Please click 'Submit' at left to send this information to us.

(If you intend to pay the deposit online now, please click the 'Pay Now' button above BEFORE clicking on the 'Send' button. A new window will open above this one for payment. After you've paid, close that window up, and then you must go back to this window to complete the above form if you haven't, and then be sure to press the SEND button.)



Cell Phone Users & Phone Equipped Mobile Devices May Click Here to Dial Now

Please click on '@ Contact Us' button at bottom-left to access our inquiry form, or use the button at the top of this page. Feel free to also call 877-480-8038 for more information, or to book a Kids Spa Party or inquire about a date. We'd be happy to discuss details of your party with you and help you plan.

Cash, PayPal, CashApp, GooglePay, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates accepted.

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