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Massage For Children: Fostering Assertiveness Through Client Empowerment
Spa Parties and Money Skills
Massage For Children: Even Kids Get Stressed
Girls Spa Parties: A Positive Experience Fostering Emotional Well Being and Social Growth

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Spa Party For Girls Snapshots!

Girls Chilling After A Spa Birthday Party
Group pic of girls chilling together after one of our Spa Birthday Parties. <

Mobile Kids Spa Party Fun!

Spa Parties For Girls Hair Styling Activities
Hair Styling Activity At One of Our Spa Parties For Girls.

More Kids Spa Birthday Party Pics!

Checking Out The Spa Gift Bag Goodies Together
Checking Out The Spa Gift Bag Goodies Together.

Girls Spa Birthday Party Mini Mani!

Girls Spa Birthday Party Mini Mani
Another Example of Cool Hand-Rendered Nail Art - French Fries - YUM!!!


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Girls Spa Party Testimonials

Spa Party Testimonials from Kids and Parents: Real Feedback From Real People!

At our Kids Mobile Spa Parties, we try our best to be our best in everything that we do. At the end of nearly every party, we have always been commended by everyone for a job well done, from kids to parents. Only recently, however, have we begun cataloguing these Testimonials.

This page is a collection of our recent Kids Spa Party Testimonials, printed with permission. Please note that we are only including real testimonials from real people. That's why we include each source document, photo, or video. You may visit Spa Party Galleries as well. We have received rave reviews for our At Home Spa Parties from the beginning, but unless it's a verifiable quote, it's not here. (Please also see our reviews for Therapeutic Massage for Parties, In-Home Sessions, and Office Chair Massage.)

We realize now that it was silly not to share any of the amazing feedback with others! It was so nice to hear how well we did, we were simply happy to know we did our work well! So we decided to start this page in 2014. We see some newer competitors writing what appears to be fake reviews(!) on their websites, and possibly paying others to do the same on Yelp.

Please check out our testimonials, and you'll see that our verifiable reviews are a response to those unethical, clearly fake reviews. Interestingly, there are a ton of web sites out there right now with people claiming to have offered Kids Spa Parties for years. But when you check, the web site is only three months old. We hope these feedback Testimonials help provide a better idea of what sort of work we do.

Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thanks for giving my daughter, Harini, a wonderful 11th birthday! You guys were so patient and the girls really enjoyed the nails and activities. And you did a beautiful job on their nails. We will definitely contact you guys again soon. -Samitha
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
We had an amazing 7th birthday party for our daughter Alanna. The girls loved being pampered. They loved being able to choose from all the different spa services. Thank you so much! -Shannon & Gerald

"I thought the party was really awesome. I loved the manicures, the pedicures, and the facial." -Birthday Girl. (Hotel Spa Party)

Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thanks for the great party! All the girls had a great time! Hopefully they'll all sleep well tonight! -Laurie
Kids Spa Party Reviews
Super party! It was a mani pedi festival! Lots of smiles and giggles! Great crafts too. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! -Karen

"Thank you!! I think it was so much fun, I'd really want to do it again. It was so much fun! Me too! Thank you ! Thank you! -Birthday Girl & Guests. (Hotel Spa Party)

"Thank you for the party. It was so much fun! Thank you. -Hotel Spa Party, Mom of Birthday Girl

Kids Spa Party Reviews
This was an incredible party, the girls had a blast. Amazing! -Shirael
Kids Spa Party Reviews

Kids Spa Party Reviews

Kids Spa Party Reviews

Kids Spa Party Reviews
Kelsey's Review- Amazing, fun, decorative party! I think everybody have fun, they all were texting me "Thanks for inviting me! It was so fun!" I loved how we did fun the fun crafts & magazines to pick from, hair styles that were unique and just amazing! The facials were super fun, and I loved how you let the kids choose different scents! (my fav was Blood Orange!) It made everyone feel like they were at a real spa! Once I saw your website, I wouldn't let my mom say, "This other website's good!" Because I loved yours! This definitely made my 11th birthday something to remember! I loved how you decorated our plain living room into a majestic spa-ful room! It made it feel like a real spa! Thank you for doing my 11th birthday so fun, doing AMAZING nails, because at first I thought you guys wouldn't be good at nails, but when I saw them, wow, they were fantastic! I think everybody had a BLAST and loved the PARTY... Thank you for making it amazing! -Sincerely, Kelsey.

Kids Spa Party Reviews
My party was fun. I loved it thank you. :-) ♡ !!
Kids Spa Party Reviews
I really enjoy the services very professional and prompt. I will definitely use this service again.
Kids Spa Party Reviews
I loved the party today also my friends loved the party! Thank you very much! -Love, Alivia (birthday girl)
Kids Spa Party Reviews
I loved the party!!:) -Sarah (birthday girl)June 2015
Kids Spa Party Reviews
The party was fabulous we did facials, manicures, and pedicures. I had blueberry and chocolate facial, i[t] was the best birth in all birthdays. -birthday girl
Kids Spa Party Reviews
I had a great time! Thank you for making my birthday party do much fun. -(birthday girl)
Kids Spa Party Reviews
Thank you for a wonderful party. -Yakov June 2015
Kids Spa Party Reviews
Thank you for giving the best birthday party. I loved making bath products and love my nails. I saw that everyone enjoyed the party. I also liked the robes we wore. I never did a SPA party and this is the best. Thank you again! -From, Harini (birthday girl)
Kids Spa Party Reviews
Great! Kids really had a good time! Wonderful last minute decision! Would do it again! -Kim June 2015
Kids Spa Party Reviews
My daughter's spa party was great. There were giggles for 3 hours. I love that the products were natural, and the house smelled divine. -Jo
I loved my party all of my friends had a great time. The nail polish designs were incredible. I ♡ed my party! -Riley
Kids Spa Party Reviews
You guys were awesome- Pleasure working together. Have to do it again. Thx -Jackie
Kids Spa Party Reviews
Wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about the talented, professional, caring team. They created the ultimate spa party for our daughter's 10th birthday party. The girls (and even the birthday girl's little brother) had an amazing, fun, relaxing time getting pampered, and the parents (us!) were stress-free. Thank you! -XO Shira and Scott
Kids Spa Party Reviews
This was an amazing party and I had such a great time with my friends! All of our nails looked awesome and I felt so relaxed after the facial! I would definitely recommend this to girls that want to do something different and fun! -Kimberly
Kids Spa Party Reviews
Their services were awesome. My daughter and her friends had such an amazing time. Thank you so much for making her birthday so memorable. Thank you so much. -Mrs. Lewis
Kids Spa Party Review By Email

"It was really a pleasure meeting you after so many months of planning. Madelaine's birthday was a hit. Everybody had a wonderful time. Thank you for playing a mahor role in creating a special memory for her. I would be happy to write a testimonaila nd also feel free to use me as a reference. I am not on Facebook. Thank you again for everything. Haiti" Haiti, NJ (Via Email)

"10/4/14 Had a wonderful Spa Party for kids. Girls enjoyed themselves alot as stated online and better. Wonderful services. Need to have a party for all the parents. Thanks!" Dana Prejoda, October 2014, New Jersey (handwritten note)

"The girls had an awesome time everything was what we expected thank so much. Cat." Cat, New Jersey (handwritten note)

"Hi, this is Fiona. Thank you soooooooo much for giving my family and friends a great spa day! They all said it was super fun!! Thank you sooooo much! :D" Fiona, Newark, NJ, Kids Hotel Spa Party, 2-8-2014 (received by text)


"Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy was of great value. They were available at the time we needed, zghowed up early, and spent a little more time. Heather was amazing with her prenatal massage and technique. Would def use again. The Steins. " 2-2014 (handwritten note)

Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Service was perfect. I love everything that they did. I would recommend their service. :-)
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you for creating such a relaxing spa experience for my niece!! We appreciate your genuine interest in the kids and your attention to detail. A fabulous experience! :-) Jayeudi
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you for helping turn Azyah's dream party into a reality. It was awesome!!! Will absolutely refer to everyone :-)
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
The spa party was awesome! Aashi and her friends had a great time! Thank you Heather and Donn! Aashi's 7th Birthday: Thank you for a fun spa party :-)
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Very nice and well planned out. Great attitudes and very friendly. Thanks a lot.
(From the birthday girl): It was one of the best parties I have ever had and I would love to do it again.
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you Heather & Co for making Jasmine's b-day a memorable one. Nice one ♡
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Spa party was awesome! All the girls enjoyed every minute of it. It was very well organized and entertaining. Facials were a big hit. Christine
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you for a fantastic party! Eliza and her friends had an awesome time! -Rebecca
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
A sincere thank you!! Heather & Donn were amazing hosts for my daughter's 9th birthday party today! Every girl loved their spa pedicures and facials/massages! Heather and Donn were so professional & calm with 16 girls at our party! They came prepared & made us all feel like we were in a real spa! We will tell all our friends about them!!!
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you so much Heather and Donn. Great service, we are very happy and Jahnavi enjoyed her birthday party a lot. The guests and the kids enjoyed it too. We loved the chocolate fountain a lot. Looking forward to some ladies party with you guys. Thank you, Sushma
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Girls had a fabulous time at their mani/pedi party! Would highly recommend it! So much fun. Thank you so much. Carolina.
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you for a wonderful party! The kids and adults had a great time :-) Alexis
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you. It was a great time. Thank you for everything. Kerry
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Heather and Donn was awesome. They took their time but did everything in a timely fashion. I will use them again in the future and also recommend them to others. Thanks so much, Jazzmire and Treasure
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
The guests had a great time. Everybody loved the services. Only thing- getting here 45 mins late was very stressful. I know you didn't plan on that, but I- as a customer- was a bit stressed. However, all turned out well. Thank you!! :)
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
I had a really good time! I got a manacure & a hair dye! My party was amazing!
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you for a great spa party! You guys did an amazing job! Definitely recommended! The girls had a blast! Spa-tacular! :)
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
This party was spa-tacular! Thank you soo much! ♡
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you for an amazing spa party :) The girls had a great time. You guys are wonderful. -Lana & Amanda
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
I really enjoyed the spa experience. I was really pleased with the results of the facial, it left my skin feeling smooth and the massage was nice. The pedicure was really cute and the craft was really cool. Overall I really enjoyed it. -Laila
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Heather, You and Donn did a great job. The girls had a great time. Both of you were super nice and took your time with each kid. Party was longer than anticipated, but lots of fun! Thank you so much! -Kelly
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
This service was great. We enjoyed the intimacy of doing this in our home. Donn and Heather were pleasant and they performed exceptionally. We would do this again.
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
What a great party it has been. Eleven girls had a blast. Foot masssage, facial, manicure, all done with relaxing music. They take their time to give a fully memorable experience. Certainly tops! -Rich and Arlene
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you for a great party! This is what my girl wished for and I can see her so much happy and it means a lot to us! Great job! Hope to see you more! -Purvi ♡
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Kids loved, loved, loved!!! They enjoyed all their manicures, pedicures and especially the facials. Crafts were awesome also!!! Thank you :)
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Want to thank you guys for doing such an awesome job for Aniya's birthday. They had a ball. I really appreciate the quality and care you showed each girl. -Ihesia
Chair Massage For NJ At Home Parties
Thank you for the great party! A lots of girls said this is the best party ever! I'm super happy for your party!! Hi, this is the B-Day girl! Thank you so much for the awesome party! I had a blast!!!

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