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Kelsey's 11th Spa Birthday Party Image Gallery II of II Ultra 4K UHD

Spa Party Date: May, 2015

This is Gallery II of II in 4HD featuring our new Thumbnail View. Click on each for larger image.

9796Relaxing To The Max! Enjoying The Kids FacialMaking Good Use Of A Spare Moment To Catch Up With Some RelaxationSaying Hi Before Her Facial!Green Apple With Sparkles And Lollipop Kids Nail ArtSwirly Lollipop With Green Apple Glitter Covered Polish Kids Nail ArSwirly Lollipop Kids Nail ArSwirly Lollipop Kids Nail Art Close UKids Spa Nail Art! Mini Mani At Kelsey's Spa Party!Kids Hair StylinKids Facial.Chocolate Masque With Cukes!! Kids Facial!Wearing Nail Protectors Until The Polish Dries.Hanging Out At Kelsey's Party.Post Facial Glow!~Waiting To Begin The Spa Party Facial.Smiling N Having Fun.French Braid.Girls Home Spa French Braid.French Braid Style Front View.Squished Real Tight!Smiling For A Nice Group Pic On The Chair.Kids Spa Party Hair Styling.Cool Curls At Kelsey's Spa Birthday Party!!Curls! Back View!Loose Curls Hair Style. Kids Hair Styling.Serenity And Peace During The Kids Facial Mask.Learning About French Braids With The Birthday Girl.Looking Up Some Apparently Important Stuff!!Girls Hair Styling! Curls! Front View!Close Up Of Curls Hair Style.Curls! Tween Hair Styles That Are Always Cool.Side View Of Kids Curls Hair Style.Curls And More Curls!!At Peace.Cukes And Kids Facial Masque.Kelsey Checking Out A Book Of Designs.Milky Way Stars And Space Kids Nail Art With Saturn And Shooting Star Grafix.Kids Nail Art! Shooting Star And Planet With Ring Graphics.Super Crazy Kids Nail Art! The Milky Way And Space, A Shooting Star, And A Ringed Planet!!! Wow!!Cute Crimped Hair Styling, With Front Braid!Crimped Cool 80s Look! Kids Spa Party Hair Styling.Crimped Hair, Side View.CRIMPED! With A Braid!The Birthday Girl With Nail Protectors On.hanging Out, Waiting For Nails To Dry.Finding Time To Play And have Fun.Having Hair Styled At Kelsey's Home Spa Party.Happy 11th Birthday!The Birthday Girl Before We Sing Happy Birthday!Yummy Treats! The Girls Definitely Feel The Desserts Look Tasty!Blowing Out The Candle!Strawyberry N Whipped Cream Birthday CupsEnjoying The Birthday Goodies! The Girls Relax On The Couch.Smiling While Eating The Birthday Sweets!Tasty Plate Of Strawberries And Blueberries.Home Pedicure Parties!!Soaking In An Essential Oil Footbath.Relaxing During The Foot Bath.Crimped Hair Style At Kelsey's Spa Party.Crimped Hair Close Up!Midnight Blue Metallic Polish. Kids Pedi.Smiling And Enjoying The Fun.The Birthday Girl.Purple Pedi With Sparkly Glitter!Matching Purple Mani And Pedi.Crimped Hair Styling. Kids Spa.Crimped!!Back View Of Crimped Hair.Hair Feather.Hair Feather Side View.Ready For A Kids Facial!Pre Facial, Close Up Of A Happy Smile.Adjusting The Cukes During The Facial Activity.Cucumbers With A Chocolate Facial Masque.Enjoying A Minute Of Not Having To Bother About Stuff.Opening Gifts Time.The Birthday Girl Opens Her Presents.Opening A Birthday Letter From A Friend.Reading A Kindhearted Letter.Readng Together.Adjusting The Cuke Slices To Optimal Non Slip Spots!Back To Relaxing!!!Smiling For a Pic While reading Birthday Cards.Opening A Gift.Checking Out The Cool Present.Now Getting To My Card!!Looking At All The Wonderful Gifts.Reading More Birthday Cards With So Many Nice Things Friends Say!Hanna's Card That She Drew And Made Herself!!The Birthday Girl Feeling Very Appreciative And Thankful.More Spa Birthday Gifts From Friends.Kelsey Showing A Cool Gift She Received.Friends Saying Hi For The Spa Gallery And DVD!Spa Party Craft Homemade Soap Sandals In Differnt Colors, Scents, And Crushed Flower Petals!Soapmaking Craft At The Kids Spa Party.Spa Birthday Card From Kelsey's Friends.

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Kelsey's Spa Party Images | Kelsey's 11th Spa Birthday Party Image 4K UHD Gallery II of II Thumbnail View



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