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Camp-Chen-A-Wanda's SleepOver Mani-Pedi Massage Spa Party Image Gallery II of II Ultra 4K UHD

Spa Party Date: January, 2016

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9190Pediatric Massage For Girls With Studying StressAbout To Get A Facial, AlsoStrawberry Masque, Vanilla Masque, And No MasqueShe Chose The Chocolate Masque For Her Kids FacialKids Facials Are FOR REAL! Better Than For Older Set, As We Use 100 Percent Natural Ingredients!The Girls Hanging Out At The Home Spa PartyNo Way! The Facial Seemed To Be Over Way Too Quickly!Shiny Post Facial Skin ToneSpa Parties For Girls Are RelaxingChocolate Facial And Finished Facial.Check Out The GLOW!Kids Facial Finished.Smiling For A Pic Even Though Cukes Are Covering Her Eyes!Watching As Her Friend's Nails Get Done.Hanging Out By The Mani Area.Watching As Nail Protectors Are Put On Freshly Painted Manis.Ready For Her Pediatric Massage.Time For The Next Massage!Talking During The Kid Facial.Ready To Join Her Friend Having A Facial.Pre Facial Pic.Kids Spa Party Facial Activity.Waiting For Her Massage To Start.Next For A Kids massage!Vanilla Masque, And A Mixed Masque Of Chocolate And Strawberry Aloe Leaf.Spa Party!! Rainbow LED Candles Light The Room. (How It Looked In Real Life, Without A Flash.)Catch The Falling Cuke Slice!Saying Hi Duing The Kids Facials.Spa Parties For Girls Rock!Mini Facial For The Smaller Set.Childrens' Massages!Kids Massage Helps Kids Chill.Kids Facials In Progress.Irritated By The Flash! Sooo Sorry!Rubbing Her Eyes.Kids Facial Photo After Pic.Kids Mini Facials.Facials. One Done. One Not Yet Started.Chilling In The Kids Facial Activity Area.A Pre Facial Smiling Pic.The Girls Helping Out With The Facial.Fresh Aloe Gel And Strawberry Yogurt Kids Facial Mask.Talking To Their Friend As She Receives A Facial.Kids Facial.Chatting During The Mini Facial.Kids Mini Mani.The Girls Chilling.Ready For A Massage.Ready To Begin.Watching A Kids Mani Being Done.Hanging Out With Her Friend As She Gets A Facial.Kids Facial Completed. Note The Glowing Skin And Rosy Cheeks! 100 Percent NATURAL, Always!!Checking Out Something On Her Tablet.Massage For Kids..Ready For Her Kids Spa Facial Activity.Girls Chillin.Pediatric Massage By A Kid.Having A Kids Manicure.Girls Mini Mani At Our Home Spa Party!!Massages! Kids Doing Massage.Pic During The Facial Activity.Kids Facial With Strawberry Aloe Mask And Cukes.Relaxing!!Massage For Kids, By Kids!!Getting Ready For Bed, Finishing The Group Spa Card.She Decided To Ditch The Cukes!Girls Spa Party Facial Fun.Helping Her Friend's Back With Massage.Pediatric Massage Time!Having A Kids Mani.Experimenting With Nail Polish!In Home Spa Party Mani For Kids.Pre Kids Facial Pic.After Effects Of The Kids Facial Activity.Another Pic Of Before Her Facial.Lifting The Cucumber Slices For A Sec.Facials For Tweens!Showing Her Spa Party Soap Craft Finished Product.Snowflake Shaped Soap.Magenta Kids Homemade Soap.Girls Removing The Facial Mask For Their Friend.Kids Massage.Prone Position Kids Massage.Nail Protector Claws! Yikes!Helping With Pediatric Massage. 4 Hand Massage!No Cukes Right Now!!Facials For Girls Equal Smiles And Relaxation.Kids Facials Are Soooo Relaxing.Pediatric Massage Always Done On A Floor Mat For Safety!Massage For Kids! Yay!Girls Spa Party Group Card Activity. Colorful!

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Camp-Chen-A-Wanda's Spa Party Images | Camp-Chen-A-Wanda's SleepOver Mani-Pedi Massage Spa Party Image 4K UHD Gallery II of II Thumbnail View



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