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Camp-Chen-A-Wanda's Spa Party Image Gallery I of II HD Thumbnail View

Spa Party Date: January, 2016

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The Girls Chilling Before The Home Spa Party BeginsHanging Out In The Facials And Massage AreaEveryone Is Ready To StartTaking A Few Minutes To Meditate With The KidsTaking A Deep Breath With Camp MatesSetting A Calm Tone For The Spa PartyThe Girls Taking A Minute To RelaxGetting Still And CenteredVery Quiet For So Many GirlsJust A Minute Longer!Now That Everyone Is Feeling CalmAnother Meditation Pic.Really, Really Ready NowThe Girls Listening To Us Explain How The Spa Party Works.Ready.Some of The Kids Chilling Out.A Pic Of A Few Of The Guests.Socializing With Friends At The Spa Party.Having So Much Fun Getting Together Again.The Girls Chatting.Spa Party Group Card Activity Area.Girls Spa Party Nail Polish Assortment.A Decent Selection Of Colors From OPI, Essie, And Other Cool Brands.Choosing A Spa Party Robe.The Girls Check Out The Nail Polish Bottles.Yay! A Spa Party Robe With Cool Peace Signs!The Kids Trying On Spa Party Robes.Kids Facials Area.Cukes And Facial Sponges And Masques!Finding A Spa Party Robe That She Likes.Girls Spa Party!Writing Stuff On The Spa Party Card.Taking A Closer Look At The Nail Polish.The Girls Waste No Time In Finding Polish They Like.Rocking A Cool Blue Dora Robe!Putting On The Spa Party Robes.Spa Party Guests.Putting On A Pink Froggy Spa Party Robe!The Kids Immediately Writing And Drawing On The Group Spa Card.Camp Chen A Wanda Group Pic.Home Spa Party Group Pic.The Girls Making Silllllly Faces!Doing Yoga On The Facials Mat.Getting Acquanited With The Facials Activity Area.A Pre Facial Pic.Raising Her Head For A Pic.The Kids Working Together On The Group Spa Card Activity.Spa Party Guests Hanging Out.Relaxing During The Kids Facial.Taking A Pause From Hectic Girls Life.Test Stress Melting Away!Vanilla Masque And Cukes Over The Eyes.Spa Party For Girls Facials.Hanging Out During The Facial Activity.Ready For A Massage.About To Begin The Kids Massage.Taking The Cukes Off Her Eyes During The Kids Facial.Having A Facial With Friends Around.An Expressive And Creative Group Of Girls!Watching Their Friends Get Facials And Pediatric Massages.Looking At Nail Art Books, Doing The Spa Group Card, And Just Chilling Out.Spa Party For Kids Group Card Activity.Kids Facial. After Pic. Notice The Skin Glow!!Post Facial Smile!!Kids Facials Really Do Help The Skin.Pediatric Massage.Smiling For A Pic.Ready For The Massage Therapist To Work On Her Back.About To Begin Her Kids Facial Activity.Smiling Before Her Facial Commences.Another Smiling Pic.The Girls Milling About.Showing Her Nail Protectors To Her Campmates.Kids Massaging Kids!Relaxing During The Facial. Pic Without Flash.The Expression Of CalmEnjoying The Break From School And Life.Kids Facial As Others Create The Group Spa Card And Still Others Observe.Kids Back Massage.Kids Do Get Stressed. (No Joking!)GLOWING Skin After The Kids Facial.Smiling After her Kids Facial.Three Girls Lined Up For Facials!!Facials For Kids Are Relaxing And Great For Your Skin, Too!Kids Facials. The Room Is Basked In The Glow From LED Candles.Smiling For A Pic During The Facial Activity.Coming Over To Check Out The Facials Firsthand.Getting Cozy Under A Blanket.Girls Love The Facial Activity!!!The Group Spa Card Getting Less White With Time.

This is Gallery I of II featuring our new Thumbnail View. Click on each for larger image.

This gallery is optimized for viewing on all platforms.

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