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Ashley's 9 Birthday Mani-Pedi Spa Party Image Gallery II of II Ultra 4K UHD

Spa Party Date: May, 2016

This is Gallery II of II in 4HD featuring our new Thumbnail View. Click on each for larger image.

8584Kids Spa Party ManiBubble Gum Pink And OPI Navy Blue Metallic Shatter Are A Good CombinationManicures Should Be Protected While DryingSide ViewHair FeatherHair Styling Straightening Before PicHair Straightening. After Pic.FrontAfter PicBath Bombs!Kids Spa Party Craft. Fizzy Bath Bombs Close Up.The Bath Bombs Came Out Great Thanks To The Amazing Help Of Ashley's Sister!Lavender Nails. Kids Mani.Hair Styling In Progress.Magenta Hair Feather!Hair Feather Side ViewMetallic Brick Red Kids Mani.Spa Party For Girls!Her Nails Match Her Hair Father! Way Cool!She's Never Seen Nail Protectors, Either!Hair Feather Kids Styling.Hair Feather And Styling, Side View.She's Thinking Her Mom Will Like Her Mini Mani Style Choice.Kids Hair Styling. Curls!Spa Craft Bubble Bath Finished And Ready To Use.Spa Birthday Party Foot Soak With Essential Oil.Feeling The Warm Water For The First Time.Kids Spa Party Warm Water Foot Bath.Enjoying Relaxing During Ashley's Spa Party.Spa Party!Each Girl Chooses Her Own Essential Oil For Her Footbath. Note The Liners For A Sanitary Time!Having Fun Unwinding With Friends, Ashley Smiles For A Pic During The Spa Party Foot Bath In Warm Water.Spa Party Crafts!Enjoying The Break From School And Tests! Yay Spa Party!Giving A Peace Sign During The Pedi Foot Soak.The Girls Taking In The Relaxation.Leaning Back As Their Feet Soak, The Girls Enjoy The Scent Of The Warm Water.The Birthday Girl And Buddies Soaking.Kids Birthdays. Next Level.Spa Parties For Girls!!!Whose Troll Is This, Anyway!Who Wants A Warm Water Refill For Their Foot Bath!Pedicure Spa.Ashley Indicating That Enough Extra Warm Water Has Been Added To Her Basin.The Girls Taking A Moment To Pause From Their Dancing And Playing.Children's Spa In Ashley's Basement!Watching TV As Their Feet Soak In The Warmth.At Home Girls Spa Party Fun!Mini Pedi Foot Soak.Pink And Metallic Blue Alternating Color Kids Pedi.Day Glo Yellow And Orange Tween Pedi.Limey Green Shiney Pedi.Mani Pedi.Matching Mani And Pedi. Kids Nail Art.Hanging Out During The Pedicures.Mani N Pedi. Kids Spa Party Nail Art.Silvery Pale Shade With Blue Sparkles. Kids Pedi.Cool Mani Pedi Combo! Tween Nail Designs.Kids Mani Pedi! Awesome White With Black Mani, Blue N Purple Pedi, Both With Glitter!Kids Mani Pedi!Kids Pedi.Girls Mani Pedi Combo.Sharing Her Cool Mani And Pedi With Us For A Photograph.Blue OPI Crackly Polish Over Clear Base Coat.Spa Birthday Party Mani Pedi. Very Cool Colors!Metallic Powder Blue Kids Pedi.Hair Styling, Mani ,And Pedi, All Done At Ashley's Spa Birthday Party!Spa Party Soapmaking Craft. Some Lovely Results!Spa Soaps Made By The Kids In All Colors And Sizes. Spa Party Fun!Each Girl Made Her Own Soap With Its Own Shape, Color, And Scent!Spa Birthday Card For Ashley.So Cool How Each Girl Expressed Herself Unqiuely!The Flip Side Of Ashley's Spa Birthday Card.Kids Mini Mani With Lavender Nail Paint.An Elegant Shade Of Polish For Her Sister's Communion.Curls. Side View.Adding More Warm Water! The Kids Pedi Foot Baths Cool Quickly!The Birthday Girl, Ashley, Enjoying Her Foot Soak.Ashley And Friends Almost Ready To Start Their Pedis. Not Just Yet!Blue Green Nail Polish, Metallic, With Glitter.Brown Metallic Pedi With Glitter.Some Incredibly Beautiful Soap. Made By Ashley N Friends N Her Sister.Blue Soap From Spa Soapmaking Craft.A Pale Shade That Is Not Quite Opaque. Kids Mani.Another Amazing Soapmaking Craft Product.

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Ashley's Spa Party Images | Ashley's 9 Birthday Mani-Pedi Spa Party Image 4K UHD Gallery II of II Thumbnail View



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