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Alexa-And-Karina's 9th and 11th Spa Party Image Gallery I of II HD Thumbnail View

Spa Party Date: February, 2017

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Group Picture Before The Party BeginsEverybody Picks Their Favorite Spa RobeChoosing Their Spa Robes For The PartyThe Cupcake And Ice Cream Spa Robe Is Always A FavoriteKarina The Birthday Girls Tries On Her Peace Sign Kids Spa RobeHelping Each Other Tie Their Spa Robe SashesTrying On Her Kids Spa RobeGetting Help From One Of The MomsEverybody Tries Some Candy From The Sweets And Treats TableReady For The Group Picture At The Kids Party.Kids Spa Party Group Photo.Group Picture In Spa Robes Before The Spa Party For Girls!The Kids Spa Party Nail Polish And Hair Styling Table Setup And Ready To Go!Lots Of Nail Polish With Aromatherapy And A Tranquility Fountain.The Kids Spa Manicure Table Set Up.Lots And Lots Of Nail Polish For The Girls Party!Kids Hair Styling Equipment Ready To Go.The Kids Crafts Table Setup.Two Kids Spa Birthday Cards Ready For The Girls To Creatively Decorate.The Awesome Chocolate Fondue Fountain, Candy, And Sweets Table At Alexa And Karina's Kids Spa!Another View Of The Chocolate And Candy Table.The Nail Art Design And Hair Design Books For Kids To Get Ideas.Spa Themed Gift Bags Created By Mom For Alexa And Karina's Birthday Party.The Kids Spa Gift Bags Table.Another View Of The Candy And Sweets Table.Dipping Fruit Into The Chocolate Fondue Fountain.The Chocolate Fondue Fountain Ready For Dipping! Girls Love Chocolate!A Close Up Of The Chocolate Fountain.Everybody Is Listening As The Available Kids Spa Party Services Are Explained.A Long Shot Of The Kids Spa Nail Polish And Hair Setup.The Birthday Banner And Selfie Photo Station, Complete With Photo Props For Fun Photos!Group Photo Before The Spa Party For Girls.Silly Faces!Another Girls Spa Party Group Picture With Robes.More Silly Faces For The Spa Party!Hanging Out In Kids Spa Robes, Ready To Start The Activities.Smiling Before Kids Hairstyles.Closeup Of Her Curled Hairstyle At The Spa.Curls For The Birthday Girl.Close Up Of The Curled Girls Hairstyle.The Birthday Girl Gives A Thumbs Up For Her New Hairstyle.Mini Mani Completed At The Kids Spa.Another Pic Of Her Mini Mani.More Curls! Getting Her Hair Styled At The Girls Spa.Closeup Of Her Curls.She Got A Curled Hairstyle Too At The Kids Spa Party!Curled Hairstyle Closeup.She Loves Her Pink And Blue Ombre Kids Manicure.Pretty Blue And Pink Ombre Manicure.Cmiling With Her New Kids Manicure.Checking Out The Kids Crafts Table.Making The Sugar Body Scrub Kids Craft Project.Curled Hairstyle At The Spa For Girls.A Closeup Of Her New Hairstyle.Another Closeup Of Her Curls.She Likes Her New Curls That She Got At The Spa For Kids!Another Pic Of Girls Hairstyles.Getting Beads For Her Hairstyle At The Spa.A Pretty Braid And Beads For Her Hairstyle.Multi Colored Bead Strand For This Girls Hairstyle!Pretty Glitter Hearts For This Girls Mini Manicure.Smiling With Her New Manicure!Everyone Gathers Around The Craft Activities Table.Making Sure Their Nails Dry Properly By Not Touching Anything!Getting Her Kids Hairstyle At The Spa!Measuring Carefully So The Projects For Kids Come Out Just Right!Now They're Making The Bubble Bath Craft Activity For Kids.Making Kids Crafts While Eating Pizza!She Finished Making Her Sugar Body Scrub Kids Craft.Labeling The Container For The Body Scrub Craft Activity.Smiling With Her New Curly Hairstyle.A Closeup Of Her New Curly Hairstyle.Girls Manicure Closeup Of The Ombree. Very Pretty Blue And Red.Showing Her Awesome Ombre Girls Mini Mani.Smiling With Her New Kids Manicure.A Closer Shot Of Her New Ombre Kids Manicure.Pretty Pink And Glitter Mini Manicure.Smiling With Her Pink And Glitter Kids Manicure.A Closeup Of Her Pink And Glitter Kids Mani.Pedicures Are So Much Fun With Friends!Chilling And Smiling During Kids Pedi Footbaths.Smiling And Laughing For Another Pic Of The Kids Pedi Footbaths.The Birthday Girl And Friends Hanging Out During Kids Pedicures.Kids Pedicure Footbaths Are Very Relaxing.Having Fun During Kids Pedicures.The Birthday Girl, Karina, During Her Kids Pedicure.Another Guest Smiling During Kids Pedis.

This is Gallery I of II featuring our new Thumbnail View. Click on each for larger image.

This gallery is optimized for viewing on all platforms.

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Alexa-And-Karina's Spa Party Images | Alexa-And-Karina's 9th and 11th Birthday Spa Party Image Gallery I of II Thumbnail Version Thumbnail Ultra HD Viewing



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