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Aashi's 7 Birthday Mani-Pedi Spa Party Image Gallery II of II Ultra 4K UHD

Spa Party Date: April, 2016

This is Gallery II of II in 4HD featuring our new Thumbnail View. Click on each for larger image.

104103Girls Spa PartyKids Hair Styling At Aashi's Spa Birthday PartyCurls, Side View.Very CoolKids Hair Styling, Loose CurlsAnother Curls PicFinished With Her First Spa ServiceSmiling With Her New Curly HairstyleDoing The Hair Styling ActivityHair Styling In ProgressHaving Her Hair Straightenend At Aashi's Spa Party.Close Up Of Hair Being Styled.Waiting For Her Nails To Dry.Girls Spa Parties!Hanging Out As Spa Services Are Performed.Enjoying The Temporary Spa Oasis.Aashi, The Birthday Girl, Enjoying Her 7th Spa Birthday Party.Tween Hair Styles! Front Braid With Straightened Hair Worn Down.Yay! I'm Done!Cool Braid!Children's Spa Hair Styles.Braided Headband Hair Style.Braided Headband, Straightening, And Braid.She Has Never Seen Nail Protectors Before.So, So Cool! Nails Have A Better Chance Of NOT Smudging.Not So Sure This Is Her Favorite Part.Hair Curling, Close Up.Ready To Start Her Mani.Spa Birthday Party For Girls Hairstyling.Her Hair Is Curly Now!Spa Birthday Party Waves Hair Styling!Loose, Wavy Curls For Tween Girls!Curls, Back View.Purple Mani With Heart Design.Purple Mani With Iridescent Glitter And Heart Graphic For Kids.Heart Design On Purple Nail.The Opalescent Glitter Shows Right Under The Heart Design. Kids Mani.Metallic Green Polish Alternating With Clear Purple Glitter.Aashi's New Colorful Mani!Kids Mini Mani With Hearts And Metallic Green Polish, Alternating With Clear Purple Glitter.Pink And Yellow Kids Manicure With Hearts.Purple Hearts On Yellow And Pink Backgrounds. Girls Mani.Kids ManicureWearing Nail Protectors.Designing Aashi's Spa Birthday Card Together.Spa Birthday Card CraftThe Kids Enjoy The Opportunity To Draw.Markers And Stickers! Yay!STICKERS!Designing TogetherThe Girls Focused On Their Activity.Aashi And Friends.Drawing.Spa Birthday Card For Everyone To Sign!Lots Of Colorful Markers.A Good Shot To See Their Cool Hairstyles!Footbaths Waiting For The Kids.About To Put Their Feet In.The Girls' Feet About To Take The Plunge Into The Warm Water.The Water Is Warm And Soothing.Aashi Having Her Foot Soak At Her Spa Birthday Party.Aashi Doing The Foot Soak Activity.Kids Pedicure SpaKids Mini Mani, Foot Soak In Warm Water.All Kids Have Fresh Liners On Their Foot Bath Tubs.Smelling Essential Oils To Add To The Kids Footbath.Adding Orange Essential Oil To The Foot Bath. Kids Mini Pedi.Adding Essential Oils That The Kids Have Chosen For Their Foot Baths.Smelling The Lovely Grapefruit Essential Oil Bottle.Girls Spa Party!Showing Each Other The Polish Colors Chosen For Their Pedis.Aashi.Relaxing.Foot Spa For Kids.The Girls Lined Up With Foot Baths.Relaxing With Friends.Another Pic Of The Girls' Hair!Feet Soaking In Warm Water. Kids Destressing!That's Better! The Girls Relax During The Scented Foot Bath.The Best NJ Kids Spa Is At Home.Very Dark Metallic Purple Polish. Kids Pedi.Smiling With Her Mani And Pedi.Robin's Egg Blue Kids Pedi.Black With Purple Swipe Kids Nail Art.Blue Pedi.Painted Toes, Close Up.Showing Her Cool New Nails.Darkest Purple Metallic Pedi For Tweens.Cool Mani Pedi Designs.Kids Nail Art.Nails Done.Purple Nails With Hearts And Bubble Gum Pink Nails.Working On The Spa Birthday Card Again.Spa Birthday Card For Aashi.Done! Hair Straightened.Girls Spa Party Fun!Showing Her Nails.Mani PediBubble Gum Pink Pedi.Aashi Getting Up.Finished With Her Spa Activities. Shaking Their Lip Gloss Craft Containers. Making Finishing Touches In The Spa Birthday Card. Showing Her Cool New Mani And Pedi.

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Aashi's Spa Party Images | Aashi's 7 Birthday Mani-Pedi Spa Party Image 4K UHD Gallery II of II Thumbnail View



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